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Steps to Crack FMGE (MCI Screening Test ) in 2 Months

Addressed by One FMGE (MCI SCREENING TEST) Aspirant who cleared exam in March 2013.

Dear All, 

I recently, cleared March 2013 FMGE exam with two months dedicated preparation. I really mean two months because I finished MD in 2009 from Ukraine and thereafter, I joined clinical fellowship in Europe. I would like to emphasize how I prepared for an exam and I hope the following steps may help other FMGE aspirants. 

You should really believe yourself that you can clear the exam with your hard work and some essential basics. 

  1. I started reading PSM FMGE and DNB questions and it took almost 7 days to complete. 
  2. After PSM I started PROAFS FMGE questions only and it took me only 3 days to complete.
  3. Thirdly, I go through KAMAL KV basic notes which is very brief for following subjects. 

Physiology KAMAL KV basic notes I guess around 7 to 8 pages and thereafter I did KAMAL KV FMGE questions on the same day. 

Next day I took Biochemistry read KAMAL KV basic notes also around 9 pages and thereafter I did KAMAL KV FMGE questions on the same day. 

and the Pattern of Study continuous for following subjects. 

  • a- Pathology (Kamal KV notes followed by FMGE Q only) 
  • b- Microbiology (Kamal KV notes followed by FMGE Q only ) 
  • c- Pharmacology (Kamal KV notes followed by FMGE Q only ) 
  • d- Medicine (Kamal KV notes followed by FMGE Q only ) 
  • e- Surgery (Kamal KV notes followed by FMGE Q only ) 
  • f- Opthal (Kamal KV notes followed by FMGE Q only ) 
  • g- Obs and Gyne ((Kamal KV notes followed by FMGE Q only ) 

I only did Kamal KV FMGE questions for remaining subjects like ENT, Pediatrics, Forensic medicine. 

Most important thing in my study plan was 3 times revision plan for each subject and I stick to it till the end and I managed to do it. 

Last week before exam schedule. 
1- One day preparation for PSM 
2- One day preparation for PROAFS 
3- One day preparation for Pre-clinical subjects (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochem) 
3- One day preparation for Pre-clinical subjects (Pathology, Pharma, micro) 
4- One day preparation for Clinical subjects (Medicine, Surgery) 
5- One day preparation for Clinical subjects (Opthal. Obs and Gyne) 
6- One day for other subjects like, ENT, FM, Pediatrics. 
7- One day final revision for all subjects. 

I left anatomy basic notes but did FMGE questions thoroughly. 

Again I stress that you need to revise at least three times before exam. Also, you should strongly determine and trust your-self that you can pass the exam no matter how different the exam pattern is. Last but not least at-least 2 minutes to Almighty per day. 

I am sure everyone can pass the exam with dedication. There is no other loophole. 

Congrats to all those who passed FMGE 2013 march exam and good luck future FMGE aspirants.





Question 1: A patient presented with a 3.5 cms size lymph node enlargement, which was hard and presented in submandibular region. Examination of the head and neck did not yield any lesion. The next investigation to be done

1. CXR

2. Triple endoscopy

3. Supravital staining of oral mucosa

4. Laryngoscopy

Question 2: A 50-year old male. Working as a hotel cook, has four dependent family members. He has been diagnosed with an early stage squamous cell cancer of anal canal. He has more than 60% chances of cure. The best treatment option is

1. Abdomino-perineal resection

2. Combined surgery and radiotherapy

3. Combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy

4. Chemotherapy alone

Question 3: A patient on same evening after thyroidectomy has swelling and difficulty breathing. Next step of management will be

1. Open immediately

2. Intubate oro tracheally

3. Wait and watch

4. Oxygen by mask

Question 4: Most common cause of aneurysm of abdominal aorta is

1. Trauma

2. Atherosclerosis

3. Syphilis

4. Cysitic medial necrosis

Question 5: Post cricoid carcinoma of the oesophagus are best treated by

1. Radiotherapy

2. Total oesophagectomy

3. Pharyngolaryngectomy with gastric transposition

4. Intubation through growth

Question 6: Pitutary region can be best viewed by

1. Plain AP view

2. Caldwell

3. Townes

4. Basal view

Question 7: Isotope selectively concentrated in abscess cavities

1. Gallium

2. Technetium

3. Selenium

4. Chromium

Question 8: Neural tube defects occur during gestational age

1. 18-22 days

2. 26-30 days

3. 22-26 days

4. 30-34 days

Question 9: The muscle pair which rotates radius without flexion and extension at arm is

1. Pronator quadratus and pronator teres

2. Supinator and Anconeus

3. Bachioradialis and brachialis

4. Triceps and Biceps brachii

Question 10: A lady presents with a history of fracture radius, which was put on plaster of paris cast for 4 weeks. After that she developed swelling of hands with shiny skin. What is the most likely diagnosis

1. Rupture of extensor policis longus tendon

2. Myositis ossificans

3. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

4. Malunion

SURGERY MOST COMMON  FMGE QUESTIONS, Try to Solve them n Post your Answers through Comment.

   I’ll Post Answers Tomorrow…


Some Other Important Details:

1. Students who go to their country to do internship, they have come within 2 years and write graduation exam.    2 years are divided  as one year is for writing your country exam and second year is for doing internship in your country.

2. For  the student who goes to their country to do internship,in case you want to come back to china for internship you cannot join in middle, you have to wait for next academic year, i.e June/July with Junior Students Internship.

3. In 5th year, 10th semester: Students who are leaving India for internship has choice of not attending the Chinese course but sure to attend clinical skills course.

4. In 5th year, 10th semester: Students living in china for Internship, even you pass 5th, 6th ,7th Level Hsk you have to attend Chinese courses without fail.

5. Internship in china for your batch will start in June or July 2012. After 10th semester exams over, you will be given 1 week holidays and then start Internship in your hospitals.

If you have Doubts, Suggestions and etc. post them in  our blog through Comment Section below every post or email class monitors.

This will help even MONITORS and CIS knows your question or advise , so we try to find a better solution.

Hope all Understand.

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