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Surgery & Gynecology Labs

Surgery Lab: At classroom 10, Basement of Zhong Da Hospital.

Gynecology Lab: At Lab 317, Northwest side of Teaching Building of Ding Jia Qiao Campus.


  • Surgery Lab:

(2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16)Week/ Group 1,3

(3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17)Week/ Group 2,4

  • Gynecology Lab :

    Monday – 1st group; Tuesday – 2nd group; Wednesday – 3rd group; Friday – 4th group.                          From Week/2-11.

Medical Imaging Final Exam Scores

Check your Medical Imaging Final Exam Scores from below link given.

Click Here

Note: Click on the file to see in full screen View.

8th Semester Course Text Books

Today Evening 7.30 PM,

8th Semester Course Text Books will be given.

Come and collect at Reception Room, 1st floor,

Ding Jia Qiao Campus.

Don’t be late.

8th Semester–Medical Chinese Class Schedule

Class 1

Class 2

19:00 to 20:30



19:00 to 20:30



Note: Don’t Miss your classes, your attendance is taken into consideration for scoring your examination.

8th Semester Class Timetable 2010-2011.

Download the PDF version of class timetable from below link:

Medical Chinese classes are not yet fixed.

Will be informed soon.

2007 MBBS Course Curriculum

Click here to download:  2007 MBBS PLAN.pdf

8th Semester Subjects & their Schedule.

Next Semester Starts from 2011.2.21,Monday.
First week starts from 2011.2.21.


  • Internal Medicine -1       — Starts from 2nd Week.        Lab from 2nd week.
  • Surgery – 2                              — Starts from 1st Week.           Lab from 2nd Week.
  • ICU                                             —  Starts from 1st Week.
  • Forensic Medicine           — Starts from 1st Week.
  • Nuclear Medicine             — Starts from 7th Week.
  • Stomatology                        — Starts from 3rd Week.
  • Obstetrics & gynecology  — Starts from 1st Week.      Lab from 2nd Week.

Classroom: 507;  Teaching Building,Ding Jia Qiao Campus.

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