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Volunteer with Students for Students, an organization formed by a group of foreign students who wanted to help underprivileged Chinese kids gain confidence speaking English.

We play games, promote discussions, and create activities to help kids see foreign language for what it really is: not just another class in school or the means to a good job, but a way to connect to people and explore other cultures and learn Spoken Chinese too.

Volunteer events are held in the afternoon every Wednesday at 4pm at a primary school near Xinjiekou and every other Friday at 2:30pm at a middle school near 1912.

Come once or come every week, volunteer with friends or individually – it’s completely up to you.

We’re looking for creative, big-idea, forward-thinking volunteers who want to get involved, meet new people, and make an impact…we’re looking for YOU!!

Interested ??? Drop me an email at or

and I’ll send you the details .

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