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About Leave During Internship


    All students who are doing internship in our university can have leave for just one week shouldn’t even one day more than one week.

   After today’s meeting Yu Laoshi & Dean has decided that
•    It is better to don’t take leave
•    If you want to take leave just take one week leave.


         About Degree:

  • Those who will take leave for one week can get degree on June 2013.
  • For those who will miss to get degree in June 2013, you should wait more than 3 months (SEP or OCT) or 10 months (MARCH).

Still Zhang laoshi is trying to talk to Degree Committee to issue degree in the month of SEP or OCT.

For degree issue, it will take more than one month to get the final decision.

‎9th Semester Subjects — 2007 MBBS

Internal Medicine (II)




Medical talk


Infectious Diseases

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