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USMLE–Total Expenditure (Approx.)

Collected from MCI Forum.

Hi Friends,
Let me inform all my friends who are preparing for USMLE.
What is the total expenditure as confirmed from my senior who has completed everything in USMLE Exam.
USMLE Step 1 – USD 815 = INR 36500 approx..
plus u make a draft and go and give the exam on that day leads to
almost  = INR 38000
USMLE  Step 2 CK – USD 815 = INR 36500 approx..
again to == INR 38000
USMLE Step 2 CS  = USD 1200 + Travelling to USA.
that makes 54000 + 50000 for ticket atleast plus 8000 for visa
plus u will stay there at least a week in hotel or u have any friend or relative even then u will spend USD 200 atleast, which makes = INR 1,25,000.
USMLE Step 3 – USD 590 + Travelling + Stay.
26500+50000+10000= INR 86500
ERAS $195
NRMP $110
State license $260
Interviews $1000 + travel
it makes = 8750 + 5000 + 11500 + 50000 = INR 75250
at least… we have to buy books and stuff  make it INR 3,80,000.
well this was the least i can calculate  it is more than that
so the reason for doing all these calculations is to make all the students aware of what USMLE is
be prepared if u start it u should know this don’t leave it in between that i don’t know the expense
one has to add the expense of second time visa its about 8000 if visitors and more if h1 or j1 whatever
Good luck to all
oh and i forgot to add the expense of second time visa.
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