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Question 21: All the following are correct about radiological evaluation of a patient with Cushing’s syndrome except

1. Adrenal CT scan distinguishes adrenal cortical hyperplasia from an adrenal tumor

2. CT of sella tursica is diagnostic when a pituitary tumor is present

3. MRI of the adrenals may distinguish adrenal adenoma from carcinoma

4. Petrosal sinus sampling is the best way to distinguish tumor from an ectopic ACTH producing tumor

Question 22: Most physiological treatment of duodenal ulcer is

1. Highly selective vagotomy

2. Antrectomy

3. Vagotomy & gastrojejunostomy

4. Gastrojejunostomy

Question 23: A 30 year old male was brought to the casualty following a road traffic accident. His physical examination revealed that his right lower limb was short, internally rotated, and flexed and adducted at the hip. The most likely diagnosis is

1. Posterior dislocation of hip

2. Central Fracture dislocation of hip

3. Trochanteric fracture

4. Fracture neck of femur

Question 24: Incontinence in urinary tract infection is

1. False

2. True

3. Stress

4. Urge

Question 25: Inversion injury of foot is associated with damage to all the following except 1.

1. Lateral malleolus

2. Base of 5th metatarsal bone

3. Sustentaculum tali

4. Extensor digitorum brevis

Question 26: A man aged 60 yrs has h/o IHD and atherosclerosis. He presents with abdominal pain and maroon stools, likely diagnosis is

1. Acute intestinal obstruction

2. Acute mesenteric ischemia

3. Peritonitis

4. Appendicitis

Question 27: An anterolateral corodotomy relieving pain in right leg is effective because it interrupts the:

1. Left dorsal column

2. Left ventral spinothalmic tract

3. Left lateral spinothalmic tract

4. Right lateral spinothalmic tract

Question 28: Thickness of stomach in ultrasound is

1. 2mm

2. 5mm

3. 7mm

4. 10mm

Question 29: A 27 year old man presents with a left testicular tumor with a 10 cm retroperitoneal lymph node mass. The treatment of choice is

1. Radiotherapy

2. Immunotherapy with interferon and interleukins

3. Left high inguinal orchiectomy plus chemotherapy

4. Chemotherapy alone

Question 30: Sympathectomy is indicated in all the following conditions except

1. Ischaemic ulcers

2. Anhidrosis

3. Intermittent claudication

4. Acrocyanosis

Question 31: Most common cause of acute pancreatitis is

1. Gall stone

2. Alcohol

3. Trauma

4. Cyst

Question 32: True intracavernous aneurysms present with

1. Ophthalmological problems

2. Headache

3. Nasal intonation of voice

4. Vomiting

Question 33: Littre’s hernia includes

1. Meckel’s diverticulum

2. Intestinal margins

3. Umblicus

4. Omentum

Question 34: The commonest site for congenital “Arachnoid cyst” is

1. Sylvian fissure

2. Cerebello-pontine angle

3. Cerebello-pontine angle

4. Cerebellar vermis

Question 35: A post thyroidectomy patient presents with tingling and perioral paresthesia. Serum calcium level was 7 mg/dL. Which of the following is the best line of management

1. Oral vitamin D3

2. Oral vitamin D3 with calcium

3. I.V.calcium gluconate

4. Observation

Question 36: In which of the following conditions is paradoxical respiration observed

1. Stove-in chest

2. Flail chest

3. Pneumothorax

4. Haemopneumothorax

Question 37: Which one of the following radio-isotopes is commonly used as a source for external beam radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer patients

1. Strontium-89

2. Radium-226

3. Cobalt-59

4. Cobalt-60

Question 38: Shepherd crook deformity is seen in

1. Osteopetrosis

2. Fibrous dysplasia

3. Rheumatoid arthritis

4. Osteoarthritis

Question 39: Fraying and cupping of metaphyses of long bones in an child does not occur in

1. Rickets

2. Lead poisoning

3. Metaphyseal dysplasia

4. Hypophosphatasia

Question 40: “CSF Rhinorrhoea” may occur because of all except

1. Trauma

2. Chronically Raised Intracranial pressure

3. Acoustic tumor

4. Pituitary surgery

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