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China overtakes India as ‘Diabetes Capital’

In 2009, fourth edition of Diabetes Atlas put India at the top

China has overtaken India to wrest the title of the ‘Diabetes Capital of the World’, going by the latest figures revealed by the 5th edition of Diabetes Atlas.

At 90.0 million, China today has the largest number of people with diabetes. India follows with about 61.3 million, and the third on the list is far behind – United States at 23.7 million.

These figures revealed by the Diabetes Atlas, an effort of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), in mid-November have once again stressed the rampant progress of the epidemic in a world that seems largely under-prepared to tackle the growing numbers.

The current figures are a huge variance from the statistics presented during the last edition of the Diabetes Atlas. In 2009, the fourth edition put India at the top of the list of nations with diabetics. At 50.7 million, India was the country with the highest number of people, and China followed with 42.3 million. However, things changed in 2010, when China produced results of a nation-wide study, pegging the country’s diabetic population at 92.4 million.

The revised statistic was accepted, and further validated globally when the 5th edition arrived at a figure of 90 million people.



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