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No Part Time Job for International Students‏

For all international students:

Recently one of our senior students who are having internship outside is found to take part time job there and is arrested by police. And here we emphasize that according to Chinese Law, you are not allowed to take part time job in China without permission outside of the campus!

For students with X visa types, you are only allowed to stay in China for study, advanced studies and internship more than six months. If you want to work in China, you have to get Z visa type, which all students in this building are not qualified.

If you work here with the permission from China government related departments, once found, you have to stop it and be fined for 1000 Yuan and even be expelled out of China! And those who dare to employ foreigners without permission might be fined more than 5000 Yuan’s and less than 50,000 Yuan and have to undertake the fees to send back the foreign employees!

Anyway, please don’t intend to find a job while studying in Southeast University! And if you did, stop it!

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