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internal MEDICINE LAB shifting

On Occasion of Qing Min Festival, 

Internal Medicine Lab (Internship) on Monday 4.4.2011 of

Group 3 & 4

is shifted to Saturday 2.4.2011 afternoon.

So Group 3 and 4 pay attention and attend the Lab.


Group 4 has 2 Labs on Saturday. 

2 pm to 4 pm – Circulatory 2 in basement of building 5 of

zhonga da hospital.

4 pm to 6 pm – respiratory 1 in 5th floor of building 3 of

zhonga da hospital.



2007MBBS 外科实习调整通知 SURGERY LAB

2007MBBS 外科


2007级MBBS 4月4日外科实习调整至4月2日,时间地点不变。

Surgery Practice of 2007 MBBS will be shifted to April 2nd at 2 O’clock in the afternoon and the venue will be in the No. 10 classroom of Surgery Basement of Zhong Da Hospital.

And surgery practice on April 4th has been cancelled.



get manual of “The Propagandist Manual of Anti-seismic Knowledge”.

通 知



Everyone who lives in this dormitory building must get one manual of ‘The Propagandist Manual of Anti-seismic Knowledge’ from the reception room.

And please read it seriously.

What’s more, you will have a test about basic anti-seismic knowledge after five weeks.


Volunteer with Students for Students, an organization formed by a group of foreign students who wanted to help underprivileged Chinese kids gain confidence speaking English.

We play games, promote discussions, and create activities to help kids see foreign language for what it really is: not just another class in school or the means to a good job, but a way to connect to people and explore other cultures and learn Spoken Chinese too.

Volunteer events are held in the afternoon every Wednesday at 4pm at a primary school near Xinjiekou and every other Friday at 2:30pm at a middle school near 1912.

Come once or come every week, volunteer with friends or individually – it’s completely up to you.

We’re looking for creative, big-idea, forward-thinking volunteers who want to get involved, meet new people, and make an impact…we’re looking for YOU!!

Interested ??? Drop me an email at or

and I’ll send you the details .

surgery 5 text books

Today 23.3.2011 Evening,

Surgery 5 text books will be given at 8.45 PM.

Come and Collect your books from your class monitors without fail.

i.m lab NOTES: cardiology : heart failure

Heart Failure Notes from Laoshi

Dr. Zhihong, Cardiology Dept. 

Download from below link.

Click Here.


Surgery 2 teaching plan 2011

surgery teach plan

Reminding to All International Students

昨天有我校某留学生由于逆向行驶,与行人相撞, 被索赔900元整。在此提醒大家,尤其是每天要去医院实习的同学,注意出行安全。请遵守中国交通基本规则:红灯停,绿灯行。不要逆向行驶。如有违反,后果严重。


Yesterday one of our international students hit someone and was paid off 900 Yuan because of driving in reverse direction. And here you all are reminded to pay more attention to traffic security especially those who have to go hospitals for internship. Please follow China basic rules of Stopping for red lights and Walking for green lights. And never drive in reverse direction again. Please adjust your routes since tomorrow. And if you break this, you yourselves have to take all the potential consequences!

And we emphasize again that please don’t make some uncommon behaviors harm to public security or sanitation, or light some firecrackers. If you do want to do that, please get permission from CIS office first. Or else, you will be serious warned!

Actually, if you play some physical games matches with Chinese friendly, you will be appreciated by us, which might award you some fees for supporting it.

Internal medicine lab schedule: respiratory , urinary & rheumatology.


Note: All Students Should Wear White Coats in Hospitals without Fail.

Making Terra Doll @ World’s Intangible Cultural Heritages.



Mr. Wang Jian  for Further Information.

Alert : Acid Rain

Dear friends,

Nuclear power plant in Fukumi, Japan exploded at 4:30 AM today. If it rains tomorrow or later, don’t go outside.

If you are outside, be sure that you have rain protectors. It’s acid rain.

Don’t let it touch you. You may burn your skin, lose your hair or have cancer.

This applies to all Asian countries.

Please pass, stay safe and remind everyone you know.

Nuclear Medicine – From 8th Week.

Nuclear Medicine is going to start from

8th week not from 7th week.

So, Attend classes from 8th Week in Classroom 507, Teaching Building.

Pay attention to Text Books

Take your text books within 2 weeks from class monitors or else textbooks should collect from Mr. Zhang Laoshi, Si Pai Lou Office.
So,Pay attention.

Collect your Gynecology Text Books

Today 10.3.2011, 8.45 PM,

Gynecology Text Books will be given at Reception room,1st floor.

Come and collect your text books in time.

USMLE–Total Expenditure (Approx.)

Collected from MCI Forum.

Hi Friends,
Let me inform all my friends who are preparing for USMLE.
What is the total expenditure as confirmed from my senior who has completed everything in USMLE Exam.
USMLE Step 1 – USD 815 = INR 36500 approx..
plus u make a draft and go and give the exam on that day leads to
almost  = INR 38000
USMLE  Step 2 CK – USD 815 = INR 36500 approx..
again to == INR 38000
USMLE Step 2 CS  = USD 1200 + Travelling to USA.
that makes 54000 + 50000 for ticket atleast plus 8000 for visa
plus u will stay there at least a week in hotel or u have any friend or relative even then u will spend USD 200 atleast, which makes = INR 1,25,000.
USMLE Step 3 – USD 590 + Travelling + Stay.
26500+50000+10000= INR 86500
ERAS $195
NRMP $110
State license $260
Interviews $1000 + travel
it makes = 8750 + 5000 + 11500 + 50000 = INR 75250
at least… we have to buy books and stuff  make it INR 3,80,000.
well this was the least i can calculate  it is more than that
so the reason for doing all these calculations is to make all the students aware of what USMLE is
be prepared if u start it u should know this don’t leave it in between that i don’t know the expense
one has to add the expense of second time visa its about 8000 if visitors and more if h1 or j1 whatever
Good luck to all
oh and i forgot to add the expense of second time visa.

I.M: Circulatory System Lab Schedule

From 3rd Week to 6th Week.

Note:      In 6th Week:   Group  4 have to attend 2 labs.

  • Circulatory system from 2pm to 4pm   AND

  • Respiratory system from 4pm to 6pm.


Click on Picture to see in High Resolution.

7th Semester Make Up Exam Schedule


Date & Time Course Room No. No. of Students
6.30PM – 8.30 PM
Medical Statistics 412 5
15.3.2011 Medical Imaging 412 3
17.3.2011 Surgery 1 412 36
18.3.2011 Community Medicine &
412 1


All the Best.

I.M & Stomatology Text Books

Tomorrow (02.03.2011) Evening 8.45 PM,

I.M & Stomatology Text Books will be given at Reception room, 1st Floor.

Collect them.

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