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Yangzhou Subei Renmin Hospital–One of the Internship Hospital

Friends Today i have been to Yangzhou city and visited Yangzhou Subei Remin  Hospital and Internship students” dorms.

First Let me explain about
City: as compare to Nanjing, Yangzhou is quite opposite. City is not so busy like Nanjing. More greenery. No metro. Just public bus and taxi. Taxi starts from 7 rmb.
Yangzhou city has 2 faces – 1. City,. 2. Countryside (not so developed).
Subei Renmin Hospital is in middle to countryside and city. It takes 20 mins to go towards commercial area.
Cost of living is less.

Hospital: hospital is quite big and infrastructure is good. As subei renmin hospital is big and main hospital in Yangzhou and Northern part of Jiangsu province. the flow of patients is more.
As i spoke to internship program coordinator teacher, she said most of the doctors can speak in English but she said student should know Chinese for sure.
Till 2010 they have Indian students of their own university and they are familiar with Internship training.
Hospital is sister hospital of one of the hospital in Melbourne, so many foreign visiting doctors are coming to hospital for surgeries and for conferences.

Dorms:  dorms are very good. 3 floored new building. Dorm is free of cost.
One room 4 students Should live. In One room they provide us 2 double stair beds, wooden chairs and wardrobes.
Girls and boys are on same apartment only.
Cooking is not officially allowed but you can do and hide stove and other things secretly in room.
Washing clothes is same like ours .
Internet, we have to take from outside may be from China Unicom or China Telecom costs 800rmb per year.


Travelling:   From Nanjing:
By bus: East bus station to Yangzhou west station it costs about 45 – 50 rmb, it takes 1 hour 10 minutes. Every one hour buses are there.
By train: from Nanjing main rly station to Yangzhou rly station, there are only k series and ordinary series trains. K series (red color )takes 1 & 1/2 hour, it cost 17rmb and ordinary series (dark green) it takes 2 & 1/2 hour, it cost 9rmb. Sounds so crazy.

Have look of Photos:

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