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Vote for your Favorite Chinese Cities

The "2011 Amazing China – The Most Attractive Chinese Cities for Foreigners," an online poll for foreigners to choose their favorite cities, invites all interested foreigners to cast their votes.

Last year, when the poll began, it attracted 179,000 votes from across the world, according to organizers.This year, 353 cities at prefecture level or above (excluding HK, Macao and Taiwan) are on a list for the preliminary round of selection, which ends on Aug 30.

The top 20 cities with the most votes will enter the next round starting Sept 1, in which voters can vote online for a second time.

Selection of the final top 10 most attractive cities will be based on the results of the second round of online voting, votes by a group of 400 foreign talents and comments from a board of40 foreign experts, including 34 Chinese Government Friendship Award recipients.

The final results will be announced in early January.

Four major criteria will be considered during the selection of candidate cities: policies attracting and serving foreign talents, the administrative environment, working environment and living conditions for foreign talents.

How to vote ?

Please check the 353 Chinese cities below, by province or autonomous region, and vote for the cities most attractive to you.

You can vote for any city on the list below. No limits on the number of cities you choose. But you can vote for each city only once within a five-minute period.

No limits on the number of cities in the same region or province.

Duration: July 2011 – January 2012


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