Monitor Candidates Meeting to 2007MBBS

Monitor Candidates Meeting to 2007MBBS

Monitors 维卡普,李可马,东蕾 and 多立亚 have been doing a lot to their classmates and teachers, which is certainly highly appreciated!

But for the preparing of potential group leaders to internship in the 6th year for 2007MBBS and also seeking better experiment of class organization to international students of Southeast University, we need more! Thus an important meeting will be held on June 24th after exam in 507, when all candidate names will be officially released.

The CIS office would accept any student of 2007MBBS including previous monitors whoever meet requirements as follows:

1. Show great internal will of being helpful and fair to others;

2. Being able to do something unusually required by teachers and students;

3. Has the courage to do something easily being misunderstood and complained;

4. No re-make exam in the past, but make-up exam doesn’t matter;

5. No cheating in any exams of Southeast University;

6. Seldom other bad records on behavior;

7. Currently not debt too much fees in study and dorm to college;

8. Living in the campus so that they can contact classmates and teachers better, better having a mobile number always available.

And the selecting procedure is that:

1. Candidates of group leaders shall write an official letter to Mr. Zhang by, introducing themselves as well as explaining why and how they will be the very person.

2. And we will check his or her situation. If get through, he or she shall go to meet Mr. Zhang to talk later.

3. On the meeting, every candidate shall deliver a 5-minute speech to all to show his will and plan of being a monitor next year.

4. All the group leaders shall come back earlier so that they can do something for students next semester. And common students also have to come back before August 14th, 2011.

5. If time available on June 24th, on the spot we will select the monitor. Each shall write the name on a piece of paper on condition of anonymity, and later number will be counted. Whoever get most will win.

6. If time not enough, we will only release the candidate names and have another meeting at the beginning of next semester.

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