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Some Other Important Details:

1. Students who go to their country to do internship, they have come within 2 years and write graduation exam.    2 years are divided  as one year is for writing your country exam and second year is for doing internship in your country.

2. For  the student who goes to their country to do internship,in case you want to come back to china for internship you cannot join in middle, you have to wait for next academic year, i.e June/July with Junior Students Internship.

3. In 5th year, 10th semester: Students who are leaving India for internship has choice of not attending the Chinese course but sure to attend clinical skills course.

4. In 5th year, 10th semester: Students living in china for Internship, even you pass 5th, 6th ,7th Level Hsk you have to attend Chinese courses without fail.

5. Internship in china for your batch will start in June or July 2012. After 10th semester exams over, you will be given 1 week holidays and then start Internship in your hospitals.

If you have Doubts, Suggestions and etc. post them in  our blog through Comment Section below every post or email class monitors.

This will help even MONITORS and CIS knows your question or advise , so we try to find a better solution.

Hope all Understand.

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