Reminding to All International Students

昨天有我校某留学生由于逆向行驶,与行人相撞, 被索赔900元整。在此提醒大家,尤其是每天要去医院实习的同学,注意出行安全。请遵守中国交通基本规则:红灯停,绿灯行。不要逆向行驶。如有违反,后果严重。


Yesterday one of our international students hit someone and was paid off 900 Yuan because of driving in reverse direction. And here you all are reminded to pay more attention to traffic security especially those who have to go hospitals for internship. Please follow China basic rules of Stopping for red lights and Walking for green lights. And never drive in reverse direction again. Please adjust your routes since tomorrow. And if you break this, you yourselves have to take all the potential consequences!

And we emphasize again that please don’t make some uncommon behaviors harm to public security or sanitation, or light some firecrackers. If you do want to do that, please get permission from CIS office first. Or else, you will be serious warned!

Actually, if you play some physical games matches with Chinese friendly, you will be appreciated by us, which might award you some fees for supporting it.


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